What are the Differences Between Online and Live Casinos?

While a live casino is usually offered as part of an online casino, there are many distinct differences between a regular online RNG casino and a live one. Knowing how they differ could help determine which one you prefer and suits your playstyle more. Take a look at what are the things that separate an online casino from a live casino below.

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1. Live Casinos Have Human Dealers

Although both online and live casino games are played using the Internet, live dealer games have real human croupiers. The human dealer interacts with you, deals cards, and throws roulette balls or dice, offering a human touch. When you play with online casino games, on the other hand, the result is determined by a random number generator (RNG), a computer program that calculates what will happen by taking into account many complicated factors.

2. Casino Etiquette Needed to Play at Live Casinos

Playing at a live casino means that you are playing with other people too. Therefore, it is important to adhere to casino etiquette and act appropriately, even when you are only interacting via the Internet. Otherwise, other players or even the dealer could make a complaint about you and you may be banned from the casino.

In stark contrast, you play against a computer program when you are at an online casino. You can act however you want and nobody will be the wiser – without breaking any laws, of course.

3. Games Occur in Different Locations

All live casino games are played out at a real, physical location – whether it is at an actual brick-and-mortar casino or remotely at a studio. However, games at online sites do not actually happen physically. Everything occurs on the Internet and servers, with absolutely no physical aspect attached.

4. Different Gaming Experiences

Even when an online casino offers the same game as a live casino, playing them gives a very different experience. Live casinos provide an authentic experience, almost exactly like you are playing at a real casino floor, with social interactions and games unfolding in real-time in front of your eyes.

On the contrary, online games offer a purely electronic experience, with no social aspects to it. The games start when you start playing, so you can really go at your own pace.

5. Live Casinos Cost More to Operate

To run games at a live casino, the operator will have to pay for installing facilities like top-of-the-line camera equipment, games tables, and pay the human croupiers. This is very different from running an online casino, where the games are simply computer software and once purchased by the operator, the games do not require a lot of costs to keep operating. As a result, you generally see significantly more games available at online casinos than at a live casino.

6. Different Technological Requirement

In general, playing live dealer games will demand more from your computer or mobile device than playing online casino games. This is because to be able to see the live footage clearly, and in real-time, your device will need to able to process a large amount of data efficiently. Online casino games do not usually play real footage and even if they do, these footage are not live. Even online games with HD graphics take less of a toll on your device than live casino games do.

As a player, you will need a better computer or mobile device to enjoy live casino games. If you have an old gadget, then it is perhaps better to stick to playing online casino games.

7. Playing at Live Casinos Demands Better Internet Connection

As mentioned above, playing live casino games require your computer or device to process a large amount of data quickly. Therefore, having a good Internet connection is very important. Not only that, but you will also need a stable Internet connection to play live casino games because you won’t be able to pick up where you left off if you get disconnected in the middle of a game.

Online casinos are a bit more forgiving in this sense. You could still fully enjoy the game even if your Internet connection isn’t the fastest and sometimes, you are able to continue the game after being disconnected.

Now that you know the differences between playing at an online and live casino, it is time to pick the best casino online to experience it yourself!

Whether you crave for live social gaming experience or being able to play completely at your own pace, both live and online casinos offer more convenience than at a physical location. You’ll still get the thrill of gambling wherever you are at whatever the time, not to mention all the extra bonuses that online gaming sites offer which a brick-and-mortar casino doesn’t!

 Last Updated: July 20, 2020

 Date Published: June 18, 2020